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**Organise a group/gathering of minimum 4 people & 'Get Your Wrap On' with my Ultimate Body Wraps!
**Approx 90 minute session (depending on number of people)
**All the Organiser/Host needs to supply for the group/gathering for the duration of session is water!!! No nibbles or drinks (sorry) as this will defeat the whole purpose of the wrap up of course!
**Inform the attendees when inviting/organising that they should have a warm shower before the booking/session to open their pores & that i highly suggest not to shower for atleast 2 hrs after the booking/session (This will be fully explained during the 'Wrap Up')
**During the 'Wrap Up' booking/session i will inform about my products and share with everyone my own 'Ultimate body journey and other clients 'Wrap Ups' so far too. Including photos and my special offers, etc.
**The Organiser/Host will get their 'Wrap Up' for the booking session @ $20 per wrap (normally $40 per wrap)
**The Organiser/Host gets a special offer to purchase any 'Ultimate Body Packs' with $20 discount per pack!
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